Downtown casual - I'm quite busy these days since I have to make a portfolio for my application for the study Lifestyle & Design. So my days mainly consists of sitting behind my laptop for hours working on my portfolio. That's why lately I choose to wear casual outfits, like this one. And it even consists of two new items that I added to my wardrobe, which make this outfit not only casual but comfortable too!



Instagram diary - I'ts been almost 5 months since my last Instagram diary. I mean.. my Levi's shorts were in that diary which I bought back in the summer and now winter has almost come to an end. Time flies! In this Instagram diary, I'll take you back to my 20th birthday that was in January and the moment I received the keys from my new home in Rotterdam.

1/ Signed the lease and received the keys from my new home
2/ Coffee and birthday cake for this young lady who turned 20
3/ Birthday present from my parents. Coco mademoiselle is definitely one of my faves
4/ Mirror selfie
5/ I bought the cutest knuckle rings at Primark, this is one of them
6/ Couldn't resist these cute hair accessories from Primark and H&M
7/ Valentine's breakfast with my best friend Marjolein
8/  Trying out some new nail art stuff
9/ Almost spring, time for me to wear these Kenzo slip-ons again!



The crop top - Finding the perfect crop top isn't an easy project. Somehow not every crop top fits me so well, and I think that your belly has to be flat enough to actually rock the crop top. But we all know that you'll find the one thing you need, when you're not looking for it. I really like this one because you can basically combine it with everything. That's the true beauty of the colour black. 



New home - I haven't been blogging for a while and that just sucks. But it's my own fault.
Although blogging started as a hobby for me where I posted something every once in a while..
My blog started growing and I gained more and more followers.
 And I am truly thankful for that. So why would I throw that all away? I worked so hard for it.

The last months have been quite overwhelming. As you know.. I've quit my study back in August and I've been figuring out what to do ever since. In January I decided to move to Rotterdam. So now I have my own place in a city that I don't really know..
Well isn't that an adventure? The big plan is to study here. I found a study called Lifestyle & Design which starts in September.
Guess I still have a lot of goals that I have to accomplish. But again.. that's all part of an adventure called: Life.



Born Pretty Store - With all the celebrations and events during the Christmas season a head of us, I found another amazing online shop you should visit. Born Pretty Store is an online shop which is founded in 2010. Over the past three years, it has developed rapidly from a store merely selling nail art items, to a shop mainly selling beauty items and fashion accessories, including the gorgeous present I received.

It's not even Christmas yet and I'm already lucky enough to unwrap this cute gift box. I secretly knew what would be inside the box, but it still was a true present to open it. And because it's almost Christmas.. I also have a special offer for you: You can fill in this 10% off coupon code GUYLAINEDC10 when you order something now on Born Pretty Store.