Three more days to go and then I can finally say that I'm finished with the first year of my new study. And pff I really can use some vacation. The last weeks have been crazy with the exams.

1/My new avatar on Twitter, Instagram and Blogspot. It's kinda different than my other selfportraits.
2/My new baby blue nailpolish.
3/My new denim jacket.
4/A drawn of the tattoo I want on my wrist.
5/Different colors on my nails.
6/Primark bags filled with my new purchases.
7/Working at Unicef Open with my colleagues. 
8/Celebrating the weekend with my colleague who's also one of my good friends.
9/Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resport and Spa in California. I spent a part of my summer in 2010 at this place.



Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick

last week I had to work for Sony Mobile at a Dutch tennis tournament called 'Unicef Open'. Basically all I had to do was approaching people and promoting the new Xperia smartphones from Sony Mobile.
Our stand was right next to the stand of Oriflame. Oriflame is an international beauty company from Sweden, which sells their products in more than 60 countries worldwide.
I already had some products from this brand, that I was satisfied about. At the end of our last working day, the girls from Oriflame said that me and my colleague could pick out anything we want from what was left over. Well, that's not a problem for me!



denim jacket/Zara - dress/Primark - necklace/Primark

I shouldn't be blogging right now because I have to go to work in 30 minutes. But just a quick post about my new purchases. I went to Rotterdam yesterday with my mom to visit the Primark. Enjoy!!!!



Top - Victoria's Secret
Bottom - H&M

A woman can never have enough shoes? True. But can a woman have enough bikinis? Definitely not!
Here is a top 3 of my favorite bikinis in detail at this moment, because honestly? We will always keep searching for that perfect bikini with the sexiest color, the cutest print and the most fabulous style.



It's unbelievable how fast a year goes by. This week was all about the last classes of the year, assignments, deadlines, literature for the exams etc etc. The summer break is very close now. And because I'm so busy these days (also today because I have to work), I treated myself with a homemade smoothie.

 I also had a very tough week because my dad moved to Singapore last Monday, for 4 months. I miss him already. Luckily, I'm going to visit him this summer with my mom and brother. Saying goodbye to him, was one of the hardest things I've had to do.