Born Pretty Store - With all the celebrations and events during the Christmas season a head of us, I found another amazing online shop you should visit. Born Pretty Store is an online shop which is founded in 2010. Over the past three years, it has developed rapidly from a store merely selling nail art items, to a shop mainly selling beauty items and fashion accessories, including the gorgeous present I received.

It's not even Christmas yet and I'm already lucky enough to unwrap this cute gift box. I secretly knew what would be inside the box, but it still was a true present to open it. And because it's almost Christmas.. I also have a special offer for you: You can fill in this 10% off coupon code GUYLAINEDC10 when you order something now on Born Pretty Store.



The zigzag print - Meet my cute zigzag sweater which I have never worn and thus never showed you before. Shame on me.. because it actually is quite adorable. Although it's a print which is not very easy to combine, I think I did an okay job to make this outfit work. Since I didn't want to wear an all black and white outfit today.. I chose to wear this grey skater skirt which matches perfectly with the silver sequin collar that is being hidden underneath my blonde hair. The sequin collar just gives that extra finishing touch, so no other accessories are needed!



It has been a while since I posted an Instagram diary, because I'm quite picky when it comes to uploading photos on Instagram. Lately I've been using an InstaSquareMaker app for my photos because sometimes they just look better when they aren't cut off. But since that looks a little bit weird in these diaries.. I chose to only use the normal sized photos that I've posted these last weeks. If you're curious to see more of my Instagram photos.. feel free to visit my profile: Guylainedekort

1/ I love reading books and magazines in order to gain inspiration in fashion, art and lifestyle
2/ There's nothing better than the smell of freshly baked cookies on a Sunday morning
3/ Always trying out new nail art tutorials
4/ Madly in love with my new vintage Levi's shorts
5/ One of my favorite recipes: Gnocchi with shrimps
6/ Selfie time: What to wear?
7/ My new black booties from H&M
8/ One of my OOTD's
9/ Party pic while I was having a great time at club NOXX in Antwerp



Let me introduce you to a Dutch webshop: Eleganti Sieraden.
Eleganti Sieraden is founded in October 2012  by Floor Klabbers, a 19 y/o law student who lives in the Netherlands. Floor has a huge passion for fashion & jewelry and always felt the need to do something with that passion. That's why she started Eleganti Sieraden, an online shop that offers elegant and fashionable accessories for low budget prices. Her collection consists of gorgeous statement necklaces, cute friendship bracelets, trendy bags and so much more amazing accessories.
I'm a huge fan of this online shop because the accessories are of good quality, really affordable and based on the latest fashion trends. I can easily spice up any outfit with these accessories without spending too much money. Doesn't that just sound perfect ladies?



Riverdale is a Dutch lifestyle brand which stands for fashionable living. And oh it's definitely fashionable! The fall/winter collection of 2013 named "Miss Applepie" is so amazing that I really felt the need to share it with you. The collection mainly exist of caramel and mocca toned colors and wooden materials. But besides the warm winter colors, there is also room for some pink. And don't we all just love a little touch of pastel pink colored decoration?



Autumn is coming to town - Last week when I was cleaning out my closet, I realized that summer is really over. What especially makes me sad is that I have the feeling like I didn't had the chance to wear all my summer clothes. Damn it! As much as I love wearing summer dresses and colorful shorts with cute cropped tops.. I can get really enthusiastic about the Fall collections. Autumn gives me the feeling that a new beginning is coming up.. The start of something new. And I love new things! There's more room for new inspiration, new plans, new styles and ofcourse.. new clothes!! And what a coincidence that I'm about to show you my new clothes ;-) 



African patterns - One of my latest purchases is this printed legging and I couldn't wait to wear it and show it to you. 
But since the weather was so nice (and hot!!) in the Netherlands.. I preferred my (also recently purchased) vintage Levi's shorts. 
At this point, the temperature is cooling down and my new legging is ready to be worn. However, the perfect add to this outfit is the necklace with the gold coin. This unique piece of jewelry belonged to my great-grandmother, so I'm more than honored that my grandparents gave me this gift a few weeks ago. Click for more to see my other outfit photos.



1/ My favorite fruit; strawberries, raspberries and blueberries
2/ A gift from my parents; YSL Style Style Style
3/ DIY nail tutorial
4/ One of my favorite maxi dresses
5/ Zara store in Antwerp
6/ Sushi for dinner
7/ Comfi outfit 
8/ Sunday selfie
9/ One of the stages at Welcome To The Future festival



Remember the webshop Oh So HIP, ladies? A month ago I did my first give-away in collaboration with this Dutch online shop. It was great to see how many people participated. Too bad I could only choose one winner, but here's the good news... A new give-away where you can win this trendy statement necklace!

This give-away is closed



My rooms in detail - Today I had my first Saturday off since I'm finished with my second year at school and because I have a few weeks off at work. And what's better than spending that first day with doing spring  (or summer) cleaning?! I couldn't imagine anything more fun ;-) But at least I made someone happy (my mom..) since everybody at home became already chaotic in their heads by just taking a look in my room. Whoops.. So cleaning time!! A few hours of hard work and both rooms were so cleaned up. At that point, I started redecorating my rooms again. Nothing dramatic though, just reorganizing all my stuff and giving them a new place. I must say that even such small changes could make a huge difference for your room.



Into the jungle - It's definitely a jungle party with this new floral print jacket. And not only that, because we dutchies can finally say that it's summer in the Netherlands, YAY! Life seems to be so much better when the sun is shining. I already got a little tan! This morning I chose to wear my recently purchased items of clothing from ZARA. I love the combination of the neon orange shorts with the floral print jacket, and of course the white top is adorable! Click for more to see more outfit photos in details.



Hereby my first give-away in collaboration with the webshop Oh So HIP.
Oh So HIP is a Dutch online shop founded in 2012 and offers a great, affordable collection of jewelry, bags and other accessories. In order to provide the latest musthaves and trends, the people from Oh So HIP get their inspiration from fashionbloggers and Pinterest. Their favorite musthaves from 2013 are the infinity jewelry, neon colored statement earrings and necklaces and other neon colored accessories. 

So what can you win?

This give-away is closed. You didn't win? Don't worry, there will be a new give-away from Oh So HIP soon on my blog. Stay tuned!



Father's day - Father's day is just around the corner (which is June 16th) and so we have a few more days left to prepare. Besides the traditional breakfast in bed made by the children, it's also a common thing to spoil the fathers with a self-made or purchased gift. "So dad, what do you want for Father's day?" - And was the answer very helpful? Did he come up with any suggestions? Well... they usually don't. I guess there are a lot of people in the same boat, so that's why I created a list of appropriate Father's day gifts. 

1/ Armani Acqua di Gio giftset. You can find it here for €50,40
2/ The Travel Book. You can find it here for €29,-
3/ Scotch and Soda leather wallet. You can find it here for €40,-
4/ Hollister Classic Beach flip flops. You can find it here for €17,-
5/ Digital Luggage Scale. You can find it here for €12,95
6/ Winebox made of scrapwood. You can find it here for €19,50



Let me introduce you to a Dutch webshop: Asiisa.nl
This webshop offers the latest musthaves for low budget prices. You can find clothes, bags, jewelry and other accessories of good quality which are designer-inspired. Asiisa.nl offers a great collection for women who want to wear the latest fashion trends but don’t want to pay too much. And it gets even better! When you order something from the webshop before 5 P.M on a working day, Asiisa.nl will send it the same day! How great is that?

I was so excited when I received my package from Asiisa.nl, because I had no idea what was inside. But when I opened up my envelope, I was already happy to see how cute the jewelry was wrapped up. This is a definite plus! 
Click for more if you would like to see what was inside! 



1/ Look of the day
2/ Look of the day in details
3/ Healthy breakfast
4/ Strawberry no bake cheesecake inspired by PS by Dila
5/ Work out time
6/ Trying out some new nailpolish
7/ Dinner with family
8/ The "oops I'm drunk" face
9/ Soenda Festival with friends

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Good morning sunshines. It took a while but here's a new Look Of The Day! The last weeks I had a bit trouble with "Writer's block" or in this case.. Blogger's block. Does that even exist? Well.. I'm sure all bloggers have faced this at one point. But when I woke up today.. and I saw that the sun was shining, I thought: Ok.. Now get off your lazy ass, put on some pretty clothes and just let your dad take those damn outfit pictures. It isn't that hard right? So.... 10 minutes later and here I am again, writing this post. 
Hope you will enjoy it! XX



The statement necklace - This is one of my favorite trends of this year. But why?
The statement necklace is definitely a must-have because it makes it so easy to spice up your outfit.
It can add so much character to a simple look. A recognizable problem might be that you just don't know what to wear.
Well.. the statement necklace might just do the trick! I already have so many statement necklaces which are all very different, but I just keep on buying them. Are you also crazy about this trend?



Fifty shades of pink - Nehh.. Although I have many different shades of pink nail polish  I don't think I'm even close to 50. But that's okay, because I already have a hard time picking out the right color when I paint my nails. So here are my favorite pink nail polishes, the colors are so different but each so beautiful. The colors are appropriate for the different moods. For me, my mood is an important factor when it comes to choosing the nail polish of the day. Oh and don't worry.. I don't paint my nails daily ;-).

1/ Nude Pink by Oriflame                                            2/ Quick Dry by Etos                
3/ Pink-ing of you by OPI                                            4/ Quick Dry by NYC



Peekaboo! - I'm done with the exams, I had a great weekend filled with partying (which started on Thursday..) 
and yes the sun was actually shining for a few days. 
And to make it even better.. I have a week off so I have enough time to do all the things I couldn't do last weeks. 
Which basically is; sleeping, go shopping, partying, more shopping, and blogging ofcourse ;-)
Speaking of which.. Some details of today's outfit! 

What I'm wearing:
Denim shirt - Topshop
Sweater - Zara
Jeans - Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes - Kenzo X Vans



Almost a month without blogging.. Shame on me. 
But it's a new week, a new month and a new season so I'm more than ready to catch up.
I'll start with an Instagram diary with my favorite photos of March. In this way, I'll bring you up to date of what has going on in the last weeks. Hope you'll enjoy it!

1/ Goodiebag from STYLIGHT
2/ Necklace which was in the goodiebag
3/ New jeans, new nailpolish
4/ Favorite accessories
5/ Peach skull scarf
6/ Homemade meals are the best 
7/ Gift from my parents - Scarlett by Cacharel
8/ Happy Easter!
9/ My new Kenzo x Vans shoes



Bright colours and ethnic prints - It's definitely a must to add these trends to your wardrobe. And with your wardrobe I mean my wardrobe ofcourse ;-). I felt so greedy when I visited the online webshop of PULL&BEAR. I found some great items that will be perfect for the upcoming spring and summer.
I picked out six of my favorite items from the online webshop.. And yes two of them are these beautiful, colourful necklaces. Aren't they just amazing?! They give me the feeling that it's summer already..

1/ Fake leather biker jacket
2/ Neon skull print foulard
3/ Bead necklace
4/ Flat ethnic clutch
5/ Stonework necklace
6/ Denim shirt with ethnic pattern yoke



Look of the day - I am truly sorry that it has been a while since I posted my last LOTD.
It would be easy to blame school and work for that, but to be honest.. I've been hiding myself from the cold weather in my over-sized, woolen sweaters and I didn't really feel like dressing up for a new outfit post. 
But spring is almost coming and I need to focus myself on the upcoming season with all the new clothes, trends and purchases included. 
So, a top? Check. Shorts? Check. Heels? Check. And after making this outfit winterproof (Yes.. don't get too enthusiastic. It's still February..) I am more than ready to show you a new LOTD. Enjoy!

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May I introduce you to STYLIGHT? Stylight is an online fashion community and a fashion search engine all in one. You can find the newest fashion items of different webshops and compare them with eachother, so you can score the best deal. 
Next to that, you can create a personal account that gives you even more benefits:
  • Heart your favorite items.
  • Create your own mood boards.
  • Share your style through Facebook, Twitter or Blogs.
  • Heart other users who inspire you.
  • Heart the mood boards of other users.



1/ New beanie.                               2/ Tickets for AFW.                       3/ Sunday Dinner.
4/ New Ray Ban Clubmaster.            5/ iNDiViDUALS @ AFW.                 6/ New dress.
7/ My fav LOTD from last week.       8/ Sushi with friends.                    9/ Some birthday presents.



Yesterday was the official opening of Amsterdam Fasion Week and I was very excited to be present. 
The evening started with the fashionshow of iNDiViDUALS, the fashion label of the students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. The collection consisted of many dark shades, high-tech fabrics and silver details. The futuristic looks were combined with roman elements like extravagant armor-like hair accessories. 

"We attract because we dare. We survive because we protect. We are an energy to be reckoned with. 
We are the Neo-Pioneers, and ELEMENT is the key to our survival" 

Click for more to see more pictures and ofcourse.. my outfit for AFW. Enjoy!



January 20th, 2012 - My first post was published and a new chapter in my life began.
I think it all started when I was looking for an outfit to wear to the fashionshow of Elise Kim during AIFW.
From that moment, I knew I wanted to share my love for fashion with the world. 
Yes, I know that sounds tacky, but I think blogging is an amazing concept and after one year I've discovered so many great blogs that inspired me. 
It would be great if my blog inspired someone in some sort of way. 
Last year I received lots of sweet, enthusiastic and encouraging comments, which motivates me to keep blogging. 
I thought it would be a fun idea to make a recap of several outfits I've worn, items I've bougt and pictures I've posted before. 
And last but not least, I want to thank all the people who gave me their support. I really appreciate it!



Busted! The fashion police can arrest me for wearing these hideous UGGs. 
But may I defend myself in this situation? I'm wearing these UGGly's because it's freezing outside and I can't stand cold weather, even though I love snow. 
So please forgive me for this fashion crime, it won't happen again. 
I believe this is the first time you see me wearing this great camo printed legging, although I already bought it 5 months ago in Singapore. I still love it! I combined it with a beige coat and an off-white knitted sweater underneath it. I hope these beautiful pieces make you forget that I'm wearing these woolen monsters. 

What I'm wearing:
Coat - Tommy Hilfiger
Sweater - Zara
Legging - Topshop
Shoes - UGG Australia
Earrings - H&M



What's better than starting this new year with new accessoiries? 
I've put several items together and made a wishlist out of it.
I would love to purchase these 5 items but unfortunately some of these beauties are not that cheap.
But........ I already ordered the amazing ear cuff, so there are only 4 more items left to wish for.

My wishlist:
1/ Skull scarf - Urban Nomads
2/ Sunnies - Topshop
3/ Ear cuff - Ydeltuyt
4/ Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs
5/ Jacquard pattern handbag - Zara



Hereby my first post of 2013! 
I wore this outfit on NYE.
I had an amazing night with my best friend. We stayed at my parents house till midnight and went out in Breda afterwards. We went home at 6 in the morning so you can say we really had some fun!
I wanted to keep my outfit simple so I chose for a black dress with studs on the shoulders.
My best friend did my make-up and I have to say that she did a great job. 
Normally I don't wear that much make-up and my make-up skills aren't that good either, so I was really happy with it.
Click for more to see my whole outfit!