New home - I haven't been blogging for a while and that just sucks. But it's my own fault.
Although blogging started as a hobby for me where I posted something every once in a while..
My blog started growing and I gained more and more followers.
 And I am truly thankful for that. So why would I throw that all away? I worked so hard for it.

The last months have been quite overwhelming. As you know.. I've quit my study back in August and I've been figuring out what to do ever since. In January I decided to move to Rotterdam. So now I have my own place in a city that I don't really know..
Well isn't that an adventure? The big plan is to study here. I found a study called Lifestyle & Design which starts in September.
Guess I still have a lot of goals that I have to accomplish. But again.. that's all part of an adventure called: Life.