Merry Christmas!! Oh fuck.. Christmas was last week. I'm sorry guys, I've been so busy lately.
I've spent the Christmas days in Prague with friends and family. It was amazing and the city is magical.
But I really have te feeling that I've skipped Christmas, because we normally celebrate this holiday at home.
I had a lot of fun though (and a lot of beer and food..), so that's the only thing that counts.
Here are some photos from last week. Enjoy!
And oh, one more thing: Happy new year to all of you and I wish you all the best!



Oh, how I love Christmas markets! If you're still not into the Christmas spirit, you really should visit a Christmas market. I have to admit, I have never been to one until yesterday. Me, my best friend and my parents went to Aachen in Germany and I really enjoyed it. Besides the sales of many handmade items, Christmas markets also offer delicious food and ofcourse.. Glühwein. 
After we ate a typical German Bratwurst, drank some Glühwein and bought delicious gingerbread cookies, we went to Maastricht where we had lunch (more food pff...). Unlike Aachen, all the stores were open in Maastricht so we also went shopping.
Check out the photos!



Just bought this great, fantastic, colourful cardigan yesterday, and obviously I couldn't wait to wear it.
I'm kinda in a hurry so there won't be many words in this post, just pictures.
I've combined this colourful piece of clothing, with a basic black t-shirt and my fav jeans. I also found these earrings, which I forgot I had, but they actually match very well with the cardigan, just like my red heart-shaped ring. And with that, a little bit of red lipstick and tada!!! Ready to go.