The statement necklace - This is one of my favorite trends of this year. But why?
The statement necklace is definitely a must-have because it makes it so easy to spice up your outfit.
It can add so much character to a simple look. A recognizable problem might be that you just don't know what to wear.
Well.. the statement necklace might just do the trick! I already have so many statement necklaces which are all very different, but I just keep on buying them. Are you also crazy about this trend?



Fifty shades of pink - Nehh.. Although I have many different shades of pink nail polish  I don't think I'm even close to 50. But that's okay, because I already have a hard time picking out the right color when I paint my nails. So here are my favorite pink nail polishes, the colors are so different but each so beautiful. The colors are appropriate for the different moods. For me, my mood is an important factor when it comes to choosing the nail polish of the day. Oh and don't worry.. I don't paint my nails daily ;-).

1/ Nude Pink by Oriflame                                            2/ Quick Dry by Etos                
3/ Pink-ing of you by OPI                                            4/ Quick Dry by NYC



Peekaboo! - I'm done with the exams, I had a great weekend filled with partying (which started on Thursday..) 
and yes the sun was actually shining for a few days. 
And to make it even better.. I have a week off so I have enough time to do all the things I couldn't do last weeks. 
Which basically is; sleeping, go shopping, partying, more shopping, and blogging ofcourse ;-)
Speaking of which.. Some details of today's outfit! 

What I'm wearing:
Denim shirt - Topshop
Sweater - Zara
Jeans - Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes - Kenzo X Vans



Almost a month without blogging.. Shame on me. 
But it's a new week, a new month and a new season so I'm more than ready to catch up.
I'll start with an Instagram diary with my favorite photos of March. In this way, I'll bring you up to date of what has going on in the last weeks. Hope you'll enjoy it!

1/ Goodiebag from STYLIGHT
2/ Necklace which was in the goodiebag
3/ New jeans, new nailpolish
4/ Favorite accessories
5/ Peach skull scarf
6/ Homemade meals are the best 
7/ Gift from my parents - Scarlett by Cacharel
8/ Happy Easter!
9/ My new Kenzo x Vans shoes