Born Pretty Store - With all the celebrations and events during the Christmas season a head of us, I found another amazing online shop you should visit. Born Pretty Store is an online shop which is founded in 2010. Over the past three years, it has developed rapidly from a store merely selling nail art items, to a shop mainly selling beauty items and fashion accessories, including the gorgeous present I received.

It's not even Christmas yet and I'm already lucky enough to unwrap this cute gift box. I secretly knew what would be inside the box, but it still was a true present to open it. And because it's almost Christmas.. I also have a special offer for you: You can fill in this 10% off coupon code GUYLAINEDC10 when you order something now on Born Pretty Store.

Tick tock on the clock, I'll never be late again with this beautiful wrist watch. I chose the black version out of the eight colors that Born Pretty Store offers, which are: black, white, hot pink, pink, purple, green, orange and yellow. The watch fits perfectly and it's a great add to every outfit. You can order this watch here: CLICK


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